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Garmin Demo Evening with Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team (Plymouth)

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After exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show back in September we were asked by Dartmoor Search and Rescue team based in Plymouth to come along to their team training evening on a Tuesday night so they could test and review some of the GPS options available to them from Garmin.

The brief they had as a team was they wanted to reliably track where each team member had searched – that way they can make sure the search area is covered completely and then record this on the Search & rescue mapping software in the command vehicle.

We took down two options for them to trial – GPSMap 64sx units pared with a Montana Team Leader unit as one option and the Atemos VHF tracking system. (Although designed for hunting dogs this system adapts well).

Each system gives the ability to:

  • Track where each member of the team has walked
  • Record that data as a GPX file and send to a PC.
  • Send the GPX file to a master device on the hill so that team leaders can review even before they have got back to the command vehicle.

We had a great night out on the hill, meeting the team members and experiencing the Plymouth fireworks given it was bonfire night. The products are into final stages of testing with the team.

We work with lots of different Mountain Rescue and Search & Rescue teams around the UK. There is specific Ordnance Survey Mapping available to them as well, exclusively from Dalesman.

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