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UCO: Ferrocium Rod Basics (101)

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The reason the ferro rod is referred to as the ultimate emergency fire starting device is because it is impenetrable to all weather and has an extremely long lifespan. It will not be affected by rain, cold, snow, extreme heat, or even submersion in water. No matter what the weather conditions, a strike of the rod will always result in an intense spark.  The rod itself is also usable down to its core. This means that if there is any rod material remaining there is a spark left to be had.

Using this device does require some technique. Don’t worry though, with a few tips it is super easy to get started!

1. Place the rod securely down into your tinder source. If you are making fire on loose dirt use a split stick to create a solid surface.

2.  Place the supplied striker against rod. Be sure to keep the striker at approximately 45 degrees.

3. Begin to scrap the striker along the rod while maintaining the 45 degree angle. Apply a generous amount of pressure to the rod with the striker. The key is to remove as much material from the rod as possible.

4. Drive the striker over the entire length of the rod.

5. You have fire!

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