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EVAQ Face Masks

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The EVAQ mask represents the next generation of protective face covering. It is a product born of science and uses technology to address the challenges of an unprecedented global pandemic.  This innovative protective gear is distinguished by a combination of three key features that can be found in no other mask: 

EFFICACY – an embedded ‘mechanical-kill’ component that actively destroys coronaviruses, including COVID-19

ENVIRONMENT – supported with a unique recycle scheme that protects the health of people in developing nations

ERGONOMICS – developed to fit with optimal security and comfort and can be worn for prolonged periods

The EVAQ mask is composed of fabric that has treated with a unique nano-scale anti-microbial coating called DiOX D4

Independent lab tests conducted by Cambridge University have shown that DiOX D4 kills 99 % of coronaviruses within 60 minutes, whereas other masks can  harbour these  viruses for 72 hours

DiOX D4 will continue to be effective in preventing contact transmission for up to 20 wash cycles 

Discarded PPE is fast becoming an environmental disaster.

EVAQ has developed a re-cycle scheme that ensures used masks are industrially cleaned, sterilised and re-coated with DiOX D4. Working with a charity in Malawi, these masks are then 
re-distributed to benefit poor communities that are in desperate need of PPE.

All EVAQ packaging is biodegradable and made from environmentally-friendly materials.

EVAQ is part of the 1% movement; committing 1% of its turnover for the protection of the planet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rapid proliferation in poorly designed facemasks that offer minimal protection against the spread of airborne disease.  By contrast, EVAQ masks are the product of a rigorous programme of design, development and prototyping.

Key features include:

Behind-the-head, adjustable toggle system with stretch-cord to ensure a secure and comfortable fit
Eliminates uncomfortable ear fixings that can cause irritation and even injury
A poly-cotton, fast-wicking fabric with colour-fast sublimated print that is comfortable and dries rapidly
Designed to be secure, non-restrictive and easy to breathe  through for prolonged use

DiOX D4 works by generating millions of nano-scale microscopic spikes which puncture the lipid cell of the coronavirus; permanently destroying it

Unlike chemical and biological reactions, this is a ‘mechanical kill’ and pathogens cannot mutate to develop resistance

DiOX D4 has been tested to ISO18184/19 and is registered safe for fabric use by the American EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

The EVAQ facemark is available now from Dalesman – click here for more information…

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