Igloo Coolers

First stock of Igloo Coolers arrive at Dalesman for UK distribution

The new distribution partnership between Igloo Coolers and Dalesman starts with stock arriving in the UK this month. 

BMX 72 Quart Cooler

Dalesman International’s partnership with Igloo is beginning this month with the first stock arriving from Igloo’s 1.8 million square foot Texas manufacturing base into the UK. Igloo are the world’s largest cool box manufacturer, offering a broad range of hardside, softside and hydration products. Igloo started out in 1947 as a metal manufacturer making water coolers for US worksites and, after launching the first recreational coolers, now offer products which are used globally for recreation and in medical and workplace environments.

RECOOL – the world’s first 100% biodegradable cooler

In 2021, Igloo launched a range of ECO products for the outdoor market, putting their manufacturing knowledge into bringing innovative ECO materials and products in the cooler category. Released in 2021, ReCool is the world’s first fully biodegradable cooler that breaks down within 3 months. Later in 2021 Igloo launched the ECOCool cooler range, with casings produced from old plastic bottles and foam insulation which produces 85% less CO2 during manufacturing.

“America’s Lunchbox” – the iconic Igloo Playmate

In 1972 Igloo launched the now iconic “tent-top,” shaped cooler, the PlayMate. The PlayMate has been a core part of the range ever since, featured in global partnerships with bi-name brands such as The Beatles, the NFL, Harry Potter and Disney. 

Dalesman will be holding free stock in the UK at our warehouse, with next day shipping available to most mainland UK locations. Ordering is available via the sales office or our B2B platform. 

You can view the Igloo brochure at http://dalesman.uk.com/igloo-brochure-2022